1939- 1941

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Detrola (International Detrola Corp) was a radio and record-player manufacturer, based in Detroit. They made a few cameras over a very short period  1939 to 1941.  Most were cheaply-made from Bakelite moldings and pressed tinplate. The Detrola 400 was a complex Leica-style rangefinder camera, but did not work well.  Detrola bankrupted and ceased all production in 1941.

McKeowns Guide lists ten models: 400, A, B, D, E, G, H, and K.  The GW, HW, and KW sub-models had Wollensak lenses.    Except for the models A and 400, most cameras are very similar with only minor aesthetic variations.  We have models A, B, D, E, G, H, and K in our collection.  The 400 is extremely rare.

The lens unit, it's extremely solid, with a  telescoping feature like the Argus A.  The lens is released by turning the focus ring until the bayonet lugs uncock. The lens will spring forward because of an internal spring. Pull it forward and it locks into position with a click.


What in the world is bakelite?




Detrola Model A   Circa 1939


Detrola Model B   Circa 1939




Detrola Model D   Circa 1939




Detrola Model E   Circa 1939


Detrola Model G   Circa 1939





Detrola Model HW   Circa 1939


Detrola Model KW   Circa 1939






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