Welcome to the 4th annual Berkeley Yacht Club Oktoberfest Regatta webpage.   The Saturday Alcatraz Pursuit Race is open to all yachts meeting Northern California PHRF minimum requirements.  The Treasure Island Cruiser Rally is open to members of any recognized Yacht Club, Sailing Organization, or established Fleet.  The Sunday Chowder Race is open to all sailors.  We love multihulls!

Everyone is welcome to join us for breakfast at BYC at 9:00.  

Saturday & Sunday Dinners are only $9 for all racers!


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Sailing Instructions - Saturday      Sailing Instructions - Multi Hull

Saturday Start Times      Note to Saturday Participants


Saturday Pursuit Race

  • Reverse PHRF starts

  • Around Alcatraz and back

  • Challenging course with long upwind and downwind segments

  • Separate multihull buoy racing (2 races) and awards

  • Separate spinnaker and non spinnaker scoring and awards

  • Starts at 12:30 - finishes at BYC Clubhouse

  • Click here for      Sign up   Rally Instructions


Saturday Cruiser Rally

  • Reverse PHRF starts

  • Around Treasure Island and back

  • Non spinnaker competition

  • Challenging course with many points of sail and tricky currents

  • Separate monohull and multihull scoring and awards

  • Starts at 12:00 - finishes at BYC Clubhouse

  • Sign up   Rally Instructions


The Saturday Fest

  • A variety of German beer in bottles and on draft.  Sample trays offered.

  • Authentic German cuisine (see details below)

  • Afternoon Kinderfest for kids and family - games activities.

  • Costume contest: best lederhosen, best dirndl - discounts for costumes

  • Live music & dancing (see details below)

  • German dance performance and polka lessons


Sunday Multihull Race

  • Separate multihull buoy racing (2 races) and awards

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  • The Food

  • Sauerbraten - beef roast marinated for days in traditional spices with vinegar, wine & juniper berries

    Bratwurst - a pale, smoked sausage made of  coarsely minced meats, ginger, nutmeg and other spices

    Bockwurst - smoked and scalded, usually made from finely ground veal; spiced with chives and parsley

    Knockwurst - A mild garlic sausage of finely ground meat with a thick casing.

    Wienerwurst - believed to be the origin of hot dog; finely ground meat flavored with coriander and garlic

    Schweinsbraten  - pork shoulder rubbed in traditional spicing, then slow roasted in fennel and caraway seeds

    German potato salad - potatoes, bacon, onions, cider vinegar, with gentle spicing

    Red cabbage - red cabbage, onions, honey, cider vinegar, with apples and berries

    Sauerkraut - pickled green cabbage leaves fermented with spicing


The Music

  • A variety of German music and dance performances and lessons, throughout the day and evening

  • The performers are from the Oakland nature Friends.   The performance includes a wide variety of German folk music, along with authentic dances and clothing.t These dancers perform traditional Bavarian dances to watch.  In addition, there will be polka and other social dancing.   During the social dancing sessions, traditional music will be played and instructions in polka and waltz by the dancers themselves will be available to encourage people to join in on the fun. 



Sunday Chowder Racing

  • Spend the night at our guest dock and race again on Sunday

  • Our regular Sunday Chowders are open to all sailors

  • Berkeley Circle buoy racing .  PHRF division starts

  • Time on time handicapping

  • Non spinnaker and roller furler credits


Sunday Bluegrass & Buffet

  • Every third Sunday of the month, BYC offers Bluegrass music in the bar at 16:00 hours.

  • Local talent forms together for a jam session of extraordinary talents

  • We serve a light buffet, and will feature some German food & treats



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Photos: Laura Watt, Melissa Davids, Paul Kamen, Tom Loughran, & The Golden Gate Bavarian Club